I just got back from my UK clinics and as always, I had great experiences with horses and their people. I always find that there is unique lessons in each clinic that the horses offer. I was impressed by the new horses that showed up and the progress that the returning participants had made.

Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship

Amazing Soul

One horse in particular was not only a beautiful horse but one of the nicest souls I’ve ever met. He is the photogenic Paint in the slide show. He was brought in for focus, confidence and spookiness. He unfolded into one of the most impressively willing and connected horses I have ever seen. All the more amazing since his person was not his owner in the clinic. By the end I was able to follow him and his person with a loudly flapping tarp at Liberty. He did not take his eyes off of her or leave her side! It was so cool to see.


Farah Dejohnette horsemanship

Love this horse

Another returning horse is the beautiful bay horse with the white star. He is a Warmblood that had been previously traumatized in his prior performance training. He is a very sensitive horse in the best possible way. I worked with him for his person because she was not well. I was pleased to see how far he’d come since the last clinic. When I first met him, he could not tolerate anyone except his person. He only trusted her. He was very stressed when he came in the arena. I let him show me his nerves at liberty and I listened. This visit, I was able to play with him beautifully and felt honored that he trusted me enough to converse with me. This was all the more special because he had become quite bonded to the paint horse I mentioned in the previous paragraph. this gave me an opportunity to show how we can work with herd bound behavior with horses at liberty. I was able to request that he walk away with me from his friend and focus and then I rewarded him by bringing him back to him. This horse was so soft and sensitive. I was able to work with my Liberty rein on some ground suppleness exercises. He was a joy!

I met some great people in my private sessions as well as some returning people. I met some really special horses and people out on the road. I enjoy going to people’s farms and helping them in their own environment. I can set up highly personalized and customized programs that can be followed up with Virtual Coaching sessions.

While I was there, i also got the opportunity to do a spread and photo shoot with Horse & Rider UK magazine. This is one of the biggest equestrian magazines in the UK so I am really excited to be able to work with them and bring this way of training to a competitive oriented horse person. It has long been my mission to help competitive horses with more gentle, balanced and humane training that builds their desire to perform. In the slide show, you will see some photos from the shoot. I requested 3 different horses. I had a young Andalusian dressage horse, A western Cow horse, and an Intermediate level Event horse. A nice variety. I really enjoy the diversity and adapting to each combination for the benefit of both horse and person no matter what the level is. I covered Liberty, Ground and In Hand and Mounted. We did it all! The issue should be out around October and is a 4 part series.

I am in the process of planning some more upcoming local clinics in the New England area. If you are interested in hosting a clinic or want to book an intensive Contact me. Special thanks to Natalie Bourchier Photography

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