Each New Year I look forward to two things. Reviewing the past year and visualizing the year ahead. I look at where I have travelled in the past 12 months and where I wish to go. This includes my life, my work, the people in my life and my animals.
In overview, the World has been and is still in a state of turmoil. In 2009, a lot of people and animals were lost to various causes. It was a turbulent year and yet one of the most amazing in other ways.
To me 2009 was symbolic of out of adversity comes triumph and in tough times it is the Entrepreneurial spirit that forges on undaunted and gets inspired to create new pathways. I love the saying “Create trends don’t follow them”. I also live by the creed of be true to yourself and your path and you can’t go wrong.
2010 is a reaffirmation of this. Continue on this amazing path I’m on and forge bravely into uncharted territories with my Horses, my work, and my friends and family. We are in amazing times and we have access to the sky if we are willing to reach for it.
In the past few years, I have achieved things with my horses that I never even dreamed of as a child. Now I am excited to see what and where we go next. I am continuing working toward the holistic training facility I have been visualizing. I will continue bettering myself as a teacher, student of the horse, and person in general.

Affirmations for 2010

1. Work slowly and carefully
2. Never be in a hurry
3. Enjoy the journey
4. Keep things in balance
5. There are no mistakes
6. Keep Play and Work balanced
7. Keep your eye on the vision

Vision for the New Year


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