“We” are napping together…

 I want to give you  an exercise that promotes a Partnership Mindset in you and your horse. It is quite simple. As consistent with most of my exercises, this one requires you only to change your thinking and approach to your regular work/play with your horse. 

The change is to mentally think “We” are going here or there. Or doing this obstacle or Lateral movement. Instead of “You” (the horse) are going to do this task. Or “I” (the rider) are making you do this task for me. Which often leads to this thought process “You” (the horse) are not doing as I asked and are being stubborn, uncooperative, or disrespectful. And now “We” are both frustrated, and anxious or both.

What this Thinking does is set intention for you and you horse and give you both the feeling of working as a team. We as humans, tend to have a more cooperative attitude when thinking of anyone or any animal as a team mate or a partner. We tend to “Ask” for cooperation rather then demand it. We also tend to be more patient with communication and expectations. The most important point for the horse and your horsemanship though is, you are mirroring a cooperative, co-creative attitude which your horse will feel and mirror back to you. Remember good leadership starts with “Being” what you want your horse to “Be” and then “Being Together”

We, Us, Together equals Partnership

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