What is my Holistic Horsemanship Approach?

My Holistic Horsemanship starts by looking at the whole Horse, and not just training exercises that focus on tasks and completion of those tasks. The cornerstone and foundation of my system is based on my Ohana Equine Human Relationship Exercises. I practice Horse Listening to understand WHY the horse is saying what they’re saying not just “fixing” the “problem”. I look at the health, diet, hooves, lifestyle, Equipment, Chinese Medicine Element typing and the Well-being of the horse. The overview of my system utilizes the following elements:

  • My OEHR Relationship building exercises
  • My Holistic Training approach-Which Integrates Liberty Training and Classical Dressage principles
  • Holistic Horse care and Lifestyle, and Environment
  • Traditional Chinese medicine and Element Typing horses to understand individual Character, Best Training approach and Health issues associated with that Element
  • Natural Balance Dentistry
  • Hoof care using non-metal protection (Plastic, or other materials) and Barefoot methods.
  • Proper fitted Tack and Equipment choices
  • Non force Chiropractic and Body work
  • Zoopharmacognosy and Self Selection
Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship

What is my Holistic Horsemanship?

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