Yes you too could own this sexy Zebra bitless
bridle for your horse!

The Next Going Bitless online class will start January 1st (with sign up until January 9th) running through January 30th. The first videos will be released for personal practice followed by a Skype Q&A session a week. This class is suitable for beginner (horses and riders) as well as the addition of intermediate exercises in this class for those who have done the class or are further ahead. It is suitable for all disciplines as well.
You will have the week to get signed up and review and practice the first exercises. Additional video exercises will be sent out each week with call recordings for the people who could not attend or to review info. The Skype Q&A answer session will be held Mondays at 7pm EST. If you have not downloaded Skype click here to get it. Otherwise, if you cannot make the calls or can’t get Skype, You may post questions to the Blog or Email them through my Website. If you have a Youtube channel, you can send me links to your uploaded videos from your channel for evaluation. If you have another video host you use, that is fine too. I only need to be able to view them through the links to share with me for evaluation. If you need more help with this or have more questions contact me. The cost of the online clinic will be of $150.00 payable through my site (click here to sign up and pay). If you would prefer to audit the class it is $100.00. This offers you access to all videos exercises and Skype call replays as well as email in questions to be answered on the calls.
To Purchase my Side Pull Bitless bridle click here.

Here is how the class will work:
1. Sign up by paying through Paypal. (click here to sign up and pay)
2. Add me through your Skype contacts search Farah.Dejohnette or Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship
3. Once you have signed up and I have your email, You will receive the links to the weeks video lessons.
4. Speak to me on the weekly Skype call to have questions answered and get feedback on videos.
5. Post questions on the blog or email them to me here if you don’t or can’t access Skype.
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Announcing: Going Bitless online class info

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