New Zealand has been an amazing, unforgettable experience. The people have been amazing and the horses were a great, diverse bunch, allowing for a really fun and interesting array of approaches unique to each combination. 
Jack was my equine assistant for the “hands on” portion of the clinic and he reminded me that horses love to teach us about connection. I had no way of predicting how much this horse would give and I had no expectations. With that, I set up the exercises with everyone and Jack did the rest magically and all on his own.
A horse named Katy allowed us to work with Waterhole Rituals to build her already nice connection with her person. I then honed in on specific WHR, In-Hand Horse Yoga, and Mounted exercises to give them a complete program. I helped this mare learn to move in a better posture. This work also improved her Bitless bridle goals. 
Another horse named Romeo stole all our hearts. He clearly loved people and connecting with them. He was leased for the clinic and showed how you can connect with a horse that you have never worked with using Liberty exercises. He was generous in spirit and demonstrated the natural outline and collection in his trot and canter. 
Ben, an Irish Sport horse, had some difficult experiences in his past, which had left him with some trust issues and trauma. Liberty work with him consisted of helping get back to his horse instincts and building his faith in humans. I recommended flower essences for him as well.
I had a very cute pony appropriately named Charm who was dominant, but really actually loved to be lead. Using WHR exercises, her people learned that she was much easier to work with then they had thought. Charm also showed that she actually liked her people quite a bit. They learned helpful exercises that addressed her focus, herd bound behavior, and dominance effectively.
A horse named Paddy needed help connecting with his person. He was previously competed extensively. His new person was now helping him back to soundness and trust. I showed her how to use WHR’s and horse yoga exercises to improve their connection on the ground and mounted. 
Noema was a young filly just getting started for riding. At three years old, I showed her person (my clinic organizer extraordinaire, Christine) the way I start horses with Liberty-Line Mounted exercises to build connection and technical language and communication. We used the Liberty rein instead of a bridle to prepare her and had her first ride Bridle-less! That was super fun!
I want to thank Christine (and Norris) again for being and incredible event organizer and for their hospitality.  I also want to thank Corinne and Taralee stables for being a great host facility. I have been invited back and I will gladly come to clinic in this beautiful, friendly country again! See New Zealand Highlights video

New Zealand Clinic overview

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