Do you dream of this one day?

A lot of people get into riding and see themselves riding in the wide open fields, trails, beaches and woods. The actual reality of this can strike fear and panic into some riders.

One of the tips I have for people who are feeling unconfident riding out, is take baby steps, ride with supportive (not pushy well meaning “know it alls”) people or even just take your horse for a walk in hand or on lead. Only do as much as is calm, relaxing and fun. If you are feeling extra confident, then you can try raising the bar a bit with no expectations or pressure on yourself or your horse.

I find that people are often not prepared mentally or connected enough to their horses to go out on the trail safely. They have not got their FUNdamentals firm enough and are setting themselves up for potentially bad, unnecessary experiences because they do not think about what can happen on the trail. Did you know having your Fundamental basics and good communication and connection can not only help you have fun on the trail but it could be the very thing that keeps you safe in a potentially dangerous situation.

Many trail riders complain about arena exercises and Fundamental practice saying it is boring and pointless. Then when they come unstuck on the trail, they don’t know why. I am hear to tell you not only will I not ride a horse on the trail that does not have good fundamentals and communication, I do not feel safe on a horse that doesn’t have these key pieces.

There are several exercises every horse and rider should know to keep safe and communicating even through stressful experiences. Before I take a horse out of the ring, I have to have confidence in our Connection, Communication and FUNdamentals.

In light of all this and by popular demand, this fall I will be doing a series of workshops dedicated to taking your Connection, Communication and FUN!damentals out of the arena. These one day Playshops will be geared towards all aspects and safety to go out and have fun. All disciplines are welcome. Hope to see you there and check back for additional dates being added!

Also remember next week FDH is back in the UK at the New Horse for my second clinic this season. Register and get info here
Fiona Habershon ( will also be back for the October 3 day Clinic so if you missed getting a session with her or would like another session, Contact me at!contact
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Upcoming events:
Sept. 20-22: FDH UK Clinic at The New Horse, Motcombe
Oct 13: FDH one day workshop
Greenville NY
Oct 18-20: FDH Horsemanship Clinic: Plainfield, MA
Oct 27: FDH Building confidence for trail riding workshop Granby, CT
Nov 10: FDH Building confidence for trail riding workshop
Middlefield, CT
Nov 22-24: FDH Clinic in Australia Strath Creek, Victoria, Australia
Nov 30-Dec 2: FDH clinic in New Zealand: at Taralee stables, Carterton, NZ
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Confidence on the trail

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