Fiona has just gone back to the UK after a week here working with Horses and Dogs. It was an incredibly educational and fun week. Each session was unique and some horse and dogs had quite dramatic changes.

I could write pages on what I witnessed but instead I will just touch on how amazed I was by how the innate knowing in animals is so intelligent. One thing I observed is even when offering for example 3 items of the same herb but of 3 different brands, the horses would know which one was superior in quality.

I also saw how a seemingly healthy horse, would select sometimes quite a lot of herbs in a wide variety. Also dogs. Each animal’s selection profile was so unique. And offered the same herbs a day later, would not take them or take very little. Something to think about when it comes to daily supplementing and how we approach it traditionally. Are we over supplementing? Are we giving one thing the horse needs mixed with 10 things he doesn’t? That’s what appeals to me about this. It is single herbs and oils offered. The animals can balance themselves.

Fiona has agreed to come back for the October 18-20th clinic in Massachussets. So if you want to see a demo of her work, learn about this work, and get a session for your animal, join us! Here is the link for info and registering for the clinic
Contact me for info on a session with Fiona and check out her website here
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10/18-10/20 FDH Horsemanship Clinic: Plainfield, MA
11/30-12/2 FDH clinic in New Zealand: at Taralee stables, Carterton, NZ
11/22-11/24- FDH Clinic in Australia Strath Creek, Victoria, Australia
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Working two dogs
Working with Macie

My week with Fiona and Self Selection

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