For some of you who have long been working with Essential Oils this may be old news. For those of you who are not as familiar with their power, They are an incredible tool for Health, Well-being, and even Training.

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Oliver my mini having a session with Fiona

When I met Fiona Paul a few years ago in the UK. I instantly resonated very strongly with her work and Self Selection (Zoopharmacognosy). I knew the moment I saw her work that it would be an indispensable tool for my personal work with horses. I bought only a few suggested oils from Fiona when I met her but now I have my own kit for many applications. I use them for everything from emotional to physical issues. We often use peppermint water alongside regular water for horses with a variety of issues. We have used them at Ohana farm for everything from Thrush, Sarcoids, Respiratory issues, Wounds, Arthritis, Anxiety, Separation, Colic, and more.

It is one of my secrets to getting through to horses that are shut down to people and traumatized. I have learned that not only do horses benefit and love Essential oils and herbs, but they will often mug me for them when they are in my pockets as though I have treats. They are asking me for the oils in my pockets! Inevitably I have Peppermint, Rose Otto, German Chamomile, and Violet Leaf.

Fiona Blends several modalities to make her own unique heart centered approach to Equine Wellness and Well being. You will learn how to tap your own intuition and reading horses communication via body language during sessions.

Fiona is coming to the US this fall Oct. 8-9th to do a very unique workshop for two days. The workshop is for people to learn how to work with the oils and Self Selection of Oils (Not Herbs). This is her first workshop of it’s kind in the US so don’t miss out the chance to attend. We have only 4 spots for horses. But you can attend one or both days with a farm provided horse if you cannot bring one. Registrations close Sept. 1st for horses so don’t wait! For more info and to register click here


Essential Oils for horses

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