On July 18th Ohana Farm turned 2 years old. it is amazing to think that much time has gone by already! It has been an amazing two years with many adventures, learning experiences and goals reached. I have a 5 year vision for the farm and we are right on track for becoming the Holistic horse center, an educational center, a Rehabilitation center, a progressive Training center, and a general haven for horses (and some other animals) and people.

When you set out on a journey you often discover other things along the way that get added to your mission. I have found that education is needed in many areas of horsemanship and care of horses. I have also acquired some great “Faculty members” along the way. Several horses have come to join my team that needed some help from me and in return they have taught all who have worked with them many priceless lessons. We have all helped the horses overcome trauma and harsh training as well as assisting them with bringing their health into balance. I have learned amazing things about Self Selection(Zoopharmacognosy) and herd dynamics in a way that only can happen when you are involved in the daily care of your horses. Each horse that lives here is truly part of the Ohana.

Some of the highlights over the two years is networking with some amazing practitioners who have rounded out my horse/human tag team. I have a saying that there are practitioners and there are healers. I have the good fortune to work with professionals that are not only skilled in their respective fields but are truly healers. Our Vets, Hoof care, Body workers, Dentistry and Training round out my Whole approach to Horses and their people. Together we have helped horses come to wellness and happiness and I know we will help more going forward.

This year I have also been able to put on a series of unique clinics at the farm. Some were new concepts in training and horse/human relationships and some were awesome collaborations with like minded individuals.

The farm is a place where people are seeing a truly different way of being with, training and caring for horses. I look forward to the upcoming years with anticipation and interest in what great things will happen at Ohana. This weekend is the first clinic in learning how to put together a Suppleness Dance with your horse. Last year I approached the concept of Yoga for horses their People. This year I started designing my equivalent to Vinyasas for horses at Liberty, On Line and In Hand and Under saddle. I am having a lot of fun playing with ideas to bring more fun educational opportunities to you all. Another innovation I am enjoying is the Live streaming demos which I started doing out of my arena via Google Chats/Youtube. They allow to work with you all in real time with horses and people. You get to participate and interact with me during the Webinars.

I have an exclusive webinar coming up that people voted on the topic via a poll. I collaborated with Holistic Horse magazine for an upcoming article and Live online demo. Look for it in July/August issue. Look for more online educational opportunities coming up. Check or my Mentor program for aspiring professionals looking to learn my system.

Yes, It has been quite the couple of years and I can’t wait to see what comes next! Scroll down to see a gallery of highlights.

Were 2 years old!

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