May 4, 2014 – May 4, 2014

184 Todd Hill Road

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Join us for another fun workshop! We’ll be working on Safety, Negotiating obstacles and Fun!damentals. Green horses are welcome. All disciplines and levels.¬†A lot of people get into riding and see themselves riding fearlessly in the wide open fields, trails, beaches and woods. The actual reality of this can strike fear and panic in some!

One of the tips Farah has for people who are feeling un-confident riding out, is take baby steps. Only do as much as is calm, relaxing and fun for you and your horse. If you are feeling extra confident, then you can try raising the bar a bit with no expectations or pressure on yourself or your horse. Here’s what will be covered in this clinic:

  • How to prepare yourself mentally to work with your horse and go out of the arena.
  • How to establish a connection with your horse so you can build trust in each other.
  • How to be safer and have more fun on the trail by understanding and making sure your Fun!damentals are all strong.
  • How to be a clearer more effective communicator with your cues.
  • How to negotiate obstacles safely and maintain trust and communication with your horse.

In this clinic Farah will teach several exercises every horse and rider should know to keep safe and communicating even during stressful experiences. Before you take your horse out of the ring, be sure to establish your Connection, Communication and FUNdamentals on May 4th with Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship and the team at Windhorse International.



FDH Confident trail riding workshop, Bethlehem, CT May 4

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