May 18, 2014 – May 18, 2014

289 County road 409

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This clinic is a full day workshop class on the basic Liberty foundation exercises I use for all my Training. Liberty Training is and important and missing ingredient in all our relationships with our horses. This work is irreplaceable in my program for training all types, levels, disciplines and breeds of horses. It allows me to have a true friendship with all the horses I encounter. Even the difficult ones! In this clinic you will be introduced to several exercises that will gradually build the relationship of a lifetime with your horse(s). You will learn to build Connection and improve your Communication skills so there is no need to “Train” A horse is provided for the whole class to practice with so participants have the opportunity to learn to build a connection with a horse they don’t know. This also teaches you how to release expectations so you can know what that feels like with your own horse. You will also have the opportunity to learn from other participants interactions as we all bring our own chemistry to the horse.

In This Clinic we will cover:

-How does Liberty work apply to Ground work, In Hand work, Mounted work and Training.

-How to customize and improvise exercises around yours and your horses character and goals

-How to get your horse to put his heart and desire into his play or Training exercises.

-How to build a connection so Technical training becomes effortless, fun and easy,

-How to problem solve everything from Focus, Impulsion, Spooking, Manners, Dominance, Suppleness, Symmetry, Balance and more using Liberty foundation training.

-How to turn Challenges into training opportunities and games

-How to keep training fun and light hearted for you and your horse.

-How to maintain Connection, Friendship, Trust and fun during technical work instead of deteriorating it.

Full class participation: $175.00

Auditing: $25.00

Bring a Friend Auditing: 2 for 40.00


FDH Intro to Liberty Class, Greenville, NY May 18

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