White Chestnut-not only beautiful but good for calming the mind.

Tomorrow is one of my workshops for building confidence between horse and rider for trail riding and obstacles. I look forward to helping participants build trust, communication and safety with their horses. We will be covering safety, FUN!damentals, Obstacle negotiation and Fun! The first part of the day will be in the arena and the second part will be taking what we learned out to the trail. If you are interested in hosting this type of clinic at your farm or organizing any other custom clinics, Contact me at http://www.fdhorsemanship.com/#!contact

I wanted to give some tips on how Flower Essences can help with fearful and unconfident feelings in people. Many riders are battling fear and confidence and I have found several flower essences that can help calm destructive, negative thinking, and fears as well as boost confident feelings.

Here is a list of some very helpful Flower Essences that I recommend to many people:

  • White Chestnut-is a very good essence for when you constantly worry about things. What is my horse going to do? What if he spooks?, What if I fall off? etc. These are what I call projections and they take us out of the “Present” and put all kinds of “wishes” we don’t want out there. It helps quiet and calm the mind.
  • Rock Rose-is for when you feel panicked or terrified by things. If you need this, you find yourself getting beyond fear to a panic level when confronted with certain activities with your horse.
  • Mimulus-is good for fear in general if you are aware of the things you are afraid of and can name them like I am afraid to go out of the arena, I am afraid of jumping, I am afraid of falling off.
  • Larch-is good for when you lack confidence in your skills and feel like you will not do well. You may feel you are not good enough to do certain things and don’t have the confidence to even try. 
  • Rescue remedy is always a good all around essence blend when you are unsure of what you need. It helps with stress and nerves and is good after an accident. A good first aid kit remedy. 

Here is a short list of Essential oils that can help with fear and confidence as well. I suggest you “self select” the essential oil which is most beneficial by inhaling it. You will either feel like you want to keep inhaling it or you may want put it on your person (you may need to dilute stronger oils). Scents you find not so attractive are probably not the right ones at that moment. They can change though!

  • Lavender
  • Valerian
  • Chamomile
  • Tangerine
  • Lemon Balm
  • Vetiver
  • Geranium
  • Bergamot

Here is a link to shop for flower essences if you would like http://www.fdhorsemanship.com/#!services/vstc3=flower-essences/vstc1=other-services If you are attending the clinic tomorrow, See you there! I look forward to the upcoming down unda trip and seeing how people are doing and meeting some new faces!

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Oct 27: FDH Building confidence for trail riding workshop Granby, CT
Nov 10: FDH Building confidence for trail riding workshop
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Nov 22-24: FDH Clinic in Australia Strath Creek, Victoria, Australia
Nov 30-Dec 2: FDH clinic in New Zealand: at Taralee stables, Carterton, NZ
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Flowers for confidence

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