As some of you know I am a Yoga enthusiast. I believe it to be very supportive for riders and for getting into a better Mind-Body connection for working with your horse. A lot of people don’t realize how out of their bodies they are. Yoga gets you into your body and thereby helps you find where you may or may not be flexible, comfortable and aware. Many of my students have heard me utter the phrase “Your brain lies to you” It means that your brain often tells you your body is aware or moving in a way that it actually is not. That’s why many Dressage riders work with mirrors. They want to see how they are using their bodies on the horse and make sure they are actually doing what they are feeling. It also helps us confirm whether or not what we feel in our horse is correct as well.

I used to practice yoga for years in my house alone. One day I got mirrors and was astounded at how I wasn’t moving the way I thought I was! Just using the mirrors improved my yoga a bunch. Video is also a helpful tool as are having eyes on you or an instructor that is knowledgeable and has a good eye.

I have long been a fan of Yoga Journal ( magazine and they have a fantastic website with tons free video of Yoga routines. I have honed my practices to help support areas in my riding. There are several practices that can help your specific needs if you know what they are. I always suggest Hip-openers or stretchers, Core strengtheners, and Balance poses. I have selected some easier videos this week to share with you that relate to sitting and therefore can be done on your horse (if it is safe to do so) or on a mounting block prior to riding. If you have a smart phone, you may be able to watch these or any of my videos right at the stable! The link above with take you to some simple exercises to get started in your Yoga for riding practice. Don’t worry they are well within everyone’s ability!

Working with a large yoga or Physio ball is another way to get into your core awareness, stretch and mobilize you pelvis and hip joints. This improves seat awareness and communication.This is a area many people don’t realize they are restricted in. And therefore restricted in your ability to sit, balance and communicate well through your seat. I have some great videos in my FDH Virtual clinic for seat awareness and communication. See the link below. And I’ll see you Down Unda Peeps soon!

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This Week: Yoga tips!

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