Intro to Liberty Clinic at Ohana

I recently did my first Intro to Liberty Clinic at Ohana Farm. As always, I conducted a class where I requested a horse that none of us had worked with before or even met. This allows everyone to have to really work at building a connection with a new horse and keeps them out of the place of “need” and expectation people can get into with their own horses. Sully was the horse that assisted me and as usual he brought his own magic and great character to the class.

This handsome paint was just was incredibly generous with all the new people learning the Foundation Liberty Connection exercises. This class format always fascinates me and I never get tired of offering it as I learn each time and the horses are constantly evolving the lessons. I am incredibly touched by what the horses bring to the table when allowed to freely interact with the group.

The reason I like this class format is, the horse is the common denominator and it shows how each person changes the chemistry and interaction with their energy. It illustrates how what we bring to the horse is what the horse brings to us. I instruct everyone to carefully observe what each person brings out in the horse without judgement about the interaction. It is particularly interesting for the owner of the horse who is often a participant to see their horses character in a class forum like this.

It never ceases to amaze me how what the horses bring to the class each time. I have witnessed some truly magical moments. The next day when we did one on one sessions with individual horses, the lessons were equally brilliant. I am reminded over and over again about how subtle and powerful this work can be if we just open our senses to the horses the horses open to us.

One participant wrote about her experience in the clinic.

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed – and how much I learned – at the liberty clinic. The first day with Sully was eye-opening and fun; and the session with Lacey was profound.¬†You are an excellent teacher and what you teach aligns with my own understanding of who horses are – of who all of our fellow Beings are. I hope to see and work with you again”

Anyway, Some of you may know that i just got back from another UK clinic that was really fun especially since Fiona Habershon was there to help me on site Self Selection and Her Resonate and Release morning sessions to help shift our patterns around our horses. I think this is the first clinic where we had Self Selection readily available at all times in the schooling areas. Many horses benefited. In my next blog I will go into depth about my UK experiences. In the meantime, Happy horsing around!

Photo Courtesy of Karen Morang Photography


Intro to Liberty Clinic at Ohana

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