Yoga for Equines and Humans

Next week July 19th, Kate Perna and I will be doing our first ever Yoga for Equines and humans clinic at Ohana Farm.

Since I have acquired Ohana farm, I have had been able to set about planning and collaborating with like minded people to create new, fun learning experiences that will further your journey with your horse, yourself and your horsemanship.

This clinic will allow Kate and I to bring Yoga principles and ideas not just to our bodies but to our mindset and our horses. We will start with unmounted exercises that will get our mind body connection strong before moving on to work with our horses in my version of Yoga for Equines inspired ground work and then moving into keeping that mind body connection while mounted.

A lot of the ground work we will focus on  with the horses will be Dressage infused Yoga Integrated movements with our horses. You will learn to read and gently increase your horses suppleness, relaxation and Mind/Body connection. This ground work seeks to help you learn to help your horse.

As a trainer, i work with many horses who have lost their connection to their limbs and bodies. They do this for the same reason we do. They are tense in their work, They have discomfort, They have badly fitted equipment. They are being trained in a posture that isn’t sustainable or balanced, They are being unintentionally blocked by their riders, They have a conformation that needs certain areas focused on to help them stay comfortable, flexible, and strong.

Once mounted, we will have focused on the ground on finding our own blocks and removing them so we can ride in flow with our horses and not restricting them in their movement.

This class should be a fun, connecting, and relaxing experience for all! Register here Equine and Human Yoga class

See you there!


Yoga for Equines and Humans

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