Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship
Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship
Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship
Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship

3 years ago on July 18th Ohana Farm was born after a long time living in my head and a lengthy search for the right place. For those of you who have been following along with the unfolding of Ohana, I have been fortunate to have assembled my Dream team of practitioners who help me help Horses and their people with everything from Rehab to continuing to educate people to a different ways of being and caring for horses.

My equine Ohana has of course grown from 2 to 6 as appears to be the case when you have your own farm. I am trying to pace myself as I like to carefully pick our new herd members. The horses I have taken in often have health issues and some sort of trauma or are just too cheeky for some people. The horses I take in are part of our Share a Horse program which allows people to learn and participate in the rehabilitation of our horses. I have been privileged to watch these horses come back to health and balance in our program.

If you have been following along, Dean was the first to join our Ohana in 2014. Dean has bloomed into a balanced and healthy horse who can now help people learn Liberty, In Hand work, and Articulate riding. I love working with him with people as he and I have built up much rapport and make a very good co-teaching team. Dean has learned his new job as “Dean” of studies and proudly helps me teach people.

Liberty joined us about a year ago after a friend asked me if I was interested in a pony name Liberty. He actually came with that name! It just so happened I was looking for another mini or pony for our Ohana. Liberty is the funniest, cheekiest, Jack Russel trapped in a ponies body, I have ever seen. He is a hilarious character and keeps us all very entertained. He adores people and us and he helps me teach adults and children alike how to laugh and play and snuggle and cuddle. He is the pony I never had but would have had the best time with when I was a little girl and get the opportunity to play with now. He reminds us all to be light-hearted and play!

We added Jordan late last summer. Jordan or as I call him Uncle Jordan, is the absolute best! Again, if you have been following along, you will see how he and Mercury are now helping me raise Maestro. Jordan had been retired from dressage at Prix St George level but needed help regaining his fitness and health after living out to pasture for a time. I knew that with some time and care in my program. Jordan could regain his health and fitness and become a highly knowledgeable faculty member to add to our teaching group. He is coming along nicely and is such a kind and generous spirit. His nurturing care of Maestro goes so far and above what I envisioned, he has become our baby sitter of baby horses that come to Ohana

And last but certainly not least, Maestro joined us in December of 2016. I swore I would never get another young horse. Famous last words! It became increasingly apparent, that I needed to find a young horses to raise in the Ohana farm philosophy. I needed to have a horse that was raised in a family of horses living outside fed a natural diet and allowed to Self Select to balance his own diet. I am still getting to know young Maestro as he is grows into a wonderful youngster blooming in front of me. I spend time with him just enjoying him and letting us both get to know each other as we have a long awesome journey ahead of us! Watch our journey unfold in real time on my blog and on my Facebook pages.

Our Ohana is growing including a new cat Gigi and one that has moved into spirit my little Booty Bear. Ohana has and will continue to be fertile ground for innovative training, education, Exploration of equine human relationships. We are in the process of implementing new classes to help people get more educated about all aspects of horses and hard to find information about natural and holistic care. Stay tuned!

Ohana is 3!

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