I have been having the absolute best time interacting with Maestro and his uncles in various Contextual Organic exercises using the Monkey See Monkey Do principle. It is so easy to introduce new ideas when you have the horses he looks up to and myself to set up the Conversations. People say you cannot teach horses to share but I have found that it is very easy to create a Sharing Caring herd with this exercise. (*Note: Do not try this if you don’t have absolute safe boundaries with your horse(s) it can be very dangerous!)

The video I show here is an exercise that I like to use to:

  • Harmonize all my herds
  • Work with several horses at the same time on one concept
  • Shape horses behavior by letting them watch my interactions with other horses
  • Integrate myself with the herd in an interactive exercise
  • Teach my horses how to make me feel safe and not pressured around food and safety in a group of horses
  • Create respect for me and each other
  • Teach Manners
  • Create a sense that everyone will be looked after and they are all important

We will be offering a class in this work at Ohana Farm June 24-25th. Find out more here Register now

Sharing is Caring

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