Revolutionize your Riding Workshop Sept 15 North Brookfield, MA


The harmonious flow of movement may be impeded by energetic blocks in the rider, the horse or the field between them.

When placing one’s attention on body parts, structural alignment or fixing something that is not working it can often create other compensatory blockages.

In this clinic Farah DeJohnette and Dr. Catherine Hondorp will analyze the flow between horse and rider after Dr Hondorp has done Entrainments on each participant. Using both their collective “Eyes” Seeing where connection to flow is blocked, they offer each rider an individualized assessment.

Utilizing focus not force and an experiential sense of the six primary directions, they will offer tools to enhance harmonious movement and use of position through horse and rider. By having 2 Entrainments (Body work) by Dr. Hondorp, you will experience a leap forward in shifting long standing patterns for you and your horse.

A bit about Dr. Catherine Hondorp is a chiropractor who specializes in Network Spinal Analysis and embodied trauma resolution. Her previous career as a modern dancer highlights her ability to work with flow, movement and the interaction of these through various forms of posture. She has been collaborating with Farah DeJohnette and delighting in working with horses and their riders over the past 2 years. Catherine has a private home practice in Westhampton, MA.

Catherine and I have collaborated to join my Articulate Riding with her Amazing Bodywork to help riders and horses reciprocally improve each others patterns while riding. We will be providing people with strategies and patterns to make lasting changes in your posture, flow and how you use your body while riding more effectively and effortlessly. We will be addressing the 6 directions of energy flow. This is WAY beyond the typical fix your position and seat class as Catherine will be on site to do Entrainments on each participant as we evaluate each individual riders patterns and help each rider make concious lasting shifts in their position and effect on their horse. 8 horse and rider spots are available and 4 non rider spots are available. The fee is $250.00 with your horse and $200.00 without.

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What you will learn in this class:

  • The flow of energy in the 6 directions
  • Learning how to use Focus not Force to ride in good position and Communicate more harmoniously.
  • How to become aware of long standing posture patterns
  • How to shift those posture patterns
  • Strategies for permanently changing your riding to enhance harmony
  • Two Entrainments for each rider and one for your horse by Dr. Hondorp
  • Evaluations from Farah and Catherine while riding prescriptive exercises to build Felt sense and skill building
  • Tools to enhance you and your horses’ benefits from riding


9:00-Theory and exercises to learn flow of energy in the 6 directions

9:45-30-First group of Entrainments (4 people)

10:30-First group of riders (4) ride with Farah evaluating  and identifying areas of blocked energy in the posture while riding through patterns.Second group gets their Entrainment with Dr. Hondorp

11:15-Second group of riders (4) ride with Farah evaluating and identifying areas of blocked energy in the posture while riding through patterns.

12:00-Lunch break

12:45- First group gets 2nd Entrainment (4 people)

1:30-First group will ride patterns while Catherine and Farah identify areas where improved focus and flow of energy can be made.

2:15-Second group gets 2nd Entrainment (4 people)

3:00-2nd group will ride patterns while Catherine and Farah identify areas where improved focus and flow of energy can be made.

3:45-Group recap and closing

What to bring:

  • If bringing a horse, your normal tack for riding
  • a chair
  • Lunch is not provided but healthy snacks and beverages will be available

Cancellation Policy

Revolutionize your riding workshop Sept 15th North Brookfield, MA

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