Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship

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Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship

Oliver lays down during his session.

Fiona has been here for the week and we’re getting excited for this weekend’s super rare clinic opportunity. We are doing a Liberty intro and Self Selection clinic in Gilboa, NY on Saturday, May 31st. The day will cover an Introduction to Liberty in the morning and Self Selection class in the afternoon. A horse will be provided for the Intro to Liberty class to practice with. You can bring your horses and learn how to administer Self selection. You may also audit for the day. For more details please click the link http://fdhorsemanship.com/event-registration/?ee=6 There are still some spaces left.

I am always amazed by watching each session Fiona does and how unique each one is. Most people think of only the herbs and oils in Self selection but the Essential Oil work is quite deep and healing for the horses. The TTouch and body wrapping during the sessions adds another unique element tailored to each horses’ needs. She combines all these approaches so each animal gets a custom healing experience.

Mercury and my mini Oliver received sessions and they were some of the most unique ones I’ve seen. My mini actually laid down during the session! Mercury went so deep into his Essential oil healing session that he was in a trance-like state for 45+ minutes.

I have had the special opportunity to see many different sessions and horses and I have learned a lot and have implemented this work into my daily programs. I find as a trainer, the essential oils have been particularly beneficial in many applications from the physical to the emotional. This work complements my approach to Horsemanship so beautifully. Once again, If you have the chance to participate in this upcoming clinic with us together. Don’t miss it! Fiona is also available for private sessions while she is here. Click here to Contact me for an appointment.

I also wanted to announce that you can now purchase video downloads on my site of instructional video. Check out this link to see the videos available http://fdhorsemanship.com/fdh-video-shop/ Until next time, Happy horsing around! Hope to see you at an upcoming clinic! The UK clinic is coming up fast Click here to register!

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Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship

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