Sounds of Liberty

Here is another exclusive clip from my Liberty improv project with my father, Jack DeJohnette(Click the video icon on the photo). We decided to call it Sounds of Liberty. We will be filming more during the summer and fall. We have much to do now that we have practiced a bit. Mercury and I are practicing more and learning how to play with new instruments that we have gotten since this was filmed. Enjoy!

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  • Michelle Stewart

    I love your video and the bond you have with your horse through Liberty. I love Liberty because it respects the animal and it allows us the opportunity to give the animal freedom and a choice …
    What do you have around his ankle toake that noise … I love it … Please advise thank you for sharing …. Michelle

    • FarahD

      Hi Michelle
      Thanks for your comment! My dad had some percussion rattles that he brought and I was able to tie them to Mercury’s legs. I have since acquired more similar rattles to play with. you can get them where you get percussion accessories. 🙂

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