Suppleness Dance workshop June 29-30 North Brookfield MA

Introducing my first Suppleness dancing class! This 2 day workshop will help you dance your way to suppleness with your horse! I see so many horses in my work that are stiff and one sided and not reaching their full potential. This can lead to pain, discomfort and eventually soundness problems. I developed my Suppleness dance exercises to make routines for my horses that are not only extremely beneficial but also fun! They are meant to be done to music in a flowing style. This workshop is suitable for all levels, disciplines and ages. A customized pattern for you and your horses level will be designed by me for you to take home and build on. Lease horses available for people who cannot bring horses for additional fees.

$225 per person  Auditing $35 per day or $60 for 2 days *accommodation and stabling fees not included. Contact me for Accommodation and Stabling info. 

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In this workshop you will learn:

    • Liberty Patterns (even if you’ve never done Liberty before!)
    • In Hand and Line exercises that will un-lock your horses full potential
    • How we flow from Liberty Fun!damentals to In Hand Work and Lunging coherently and smoothly
    • How to use Articulate riding, correctly using your position and seat to create flowing, fun patterns
  • How to design your pattern to music to suit your’s and your horses level


Saturday-8:30 meet up and meet the herd! 9-12pm Liberty demo and then 2 at a time Liberty sessions building Suppleness at Liberty.

1-4pm Liberty fun!damentals practice and In Hand prep

Sunday-9-12pm In Hand work practice and Articulate riding and Suppleness dancing. 1-4pm Articulate riding and Suppleness dancing

What to bring:

    • If you’re bringing a horse, please bring a coggins and if required by your state a health certificate
    • Bring your horses food and any tack you usually use
    • Sunscreen and hats are advised as well as rain gear and muck boots
  • Notebooks and pens

Cancellation policy

Suppleness Dance workshop June 29-30 North Brookfield MA

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